Ralph Johnson


Ralph Johnson is a veteran in information security and privacy, helping shape the landscape across various high-profile roles over his 28-year career. Currently serving as the State Chief Information Security Officer for Washington, he directs the Office of Cybersecurity and advises the executive branch and the Legislature on information security issues. He plays a central role in guiding statewide security efforts, providing leadership and strategic planning. 

In past positions as Chief Information Security Officer at Nant Media LLC and Los Angelas County he was recognized for developing robust security policies and achieving the PCI DSS certification, evidence of his skill in enhancing organizational security postures. His impact during his time with Los Angeles County was profound, where he developed the county's first strategic information security plan. Ralph’s leadership style balances business needs with security imperatives, creating initiatives that involve collaboration across diverse departments to foster a unified approach to security and privacy. 

Ralph's professional journey also includes initiating the development of King County's information security and privacy program where he spearheaded numerous initiatives, including the deployment of enterprise-wide security measures and the development of comprehensive training programs for over 3,500 staff members. His proactive strategies significantly reduced risks and safeguarded county information assets. 

Beyond his executive roles, Ralph has made significant contributions to the academic field as an instructor at the University of Washington and ITT Technical Institute, where he taught Information Systems and Cybersecurity. His commitment to education is also evident as a sponsor and patron of the Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute, where he has served as a board president and certified trainer, inspiring the next generation of security professionals. 

Ralph has earned degrees from Eastern Oregon University and the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and has numerous professional certifications in IT and security. His contributions have been recognized with several awards, including the ISE West “People’s Choice” Executive of the Year.

Ralph JohnsonRalph Johnson, CISO for Washington state