Kris Rides

Founder & Cybersecurity Staffing SME

Co-Founder & CEO of Tiro Security 

Tiro Security helps businesses find and hire cybersecurity talent – from contractors to executives. But Tiro is more than just a staffing agency. Tiro finds people who are not visible in traditional hiring pipelines. Picture the extremely talented cyber specialist who has no need to search for the next role. This person has no incentive to post a resume anywhere because plenty of job options already await. Kris finds these people through technical meetups and through his growing web of connections. 

Kris hears daily from companies struggling to hire the right cybersecurity talent. He knows the skills that are in hot demand these days. He also knows the challenge that fresh graduates face as they hunt for their first role in cybersecurity. He has been recruiting in this industry for over 20 years in both Europe and the US. 

To share his wealth of knowledge in this arena, Kris regularly accepts public speaking invitations, and kindly participates as an advisory board member for the Washington Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. 

Kris Rides